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Since we began repairing cameras back in the early 1970's photographic technology has changed at an ever-quickening pace. It used to be that camera manufacturers made 2 or 3 different models and introduced new models every couple of years. Now, hardly a day goes by when we don't hear of a new model coming out from one of the various camera companies.

Even the names of the companies are different. We used to work on Mamiya/Sekors, Mirandas, Petris, Kowas, and Exactas along with a few others too obscure to remember. We still work on Nikon, Canon, Minolta (or Konica Minolta), Olympus, and Pentax cameras but they are vastly changed from what they once were.

There are lots of new brands around too. Years ago, Sony and Samsung made TV's and Stereos, and Casio made watches. Now Sony and Samsung make digital cameras that rival the best of the ones made by the original camera manufacturers.

what we do

With all the changes in the industry, it is a constant challenge to keep up with the latest developments. That's why we are in regular contact with as many of the manufacturers as we can to keep up with parts and service information.

Some manufacturers refuse to sell any parts for their cameras. For that reason, we strongly advise against purchasing a camera from any manufacturer that requires you to send your camera to them for an expensive exchange model just because your battery door is broken. Contact us Here  to check before you make that big mistake!

Because there are SO many film and digital cameras needing repair, we can't work on everything. Check our pages for the brands of film cameras and digital cameras that we don't work on. We also don't repair ANY camcorders.

Please check out the rest of our site for interesting camera care tips, information on easy "repairs" you can do yourself, and how to get your camera repaired by CameraRepairs.com.

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