Film to Video Transfers

For years, we have offered the service of transferring your old home movies to VHS tapes at a reasonable cost. Now, we are excited to be able to transfer your old home movies to longer lasting, easier to store, and easier to show DVD format!

Do you have boxes of old Regular 8mm or Super 8mm films just laying around that you can't watch because your projector is broken or the bulb is burned out? We can help by transferring all your old 8mm movies to DVD to make them easy to watch or share with family or friends. Don't wait too long until your film becomes dry and brittle.

Since we do all our own Video Transfer work in-house, your valuable film will not be sent to an outside vendor where it may get lost or damaged.

Send us an email through our Information Request Form and let us know how many reels you have and we'll get back to you with a price quote and turnaround time.

Services offered

8mm Film transferred to DVD

VHS tapes transferred to DVD

8mm video to DVD


Mini DV to DVD

Are my movies too old?

Over the last 20 years we have transferred many thousands of feet of film to VHS tapes. The age of the film doesn't seem to matter as much as the conditions the film was stored under. Be assured that we will do our best to save your memories for the years to come.


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